25 December 2009

A Free Sample Theme Write-up and Poem in English

This is a free sample theme write-up and poem in English that may be used as a sample that can hopefully inspire the student to write about something that he or she has been given. Writing a similar write-up could help the student exercise imagination and express the feelings that are evoked when receiving a priceless gift.

A Perfect Fine Day, the Theme Write-up

A perfect fine day rarely happens. And when it does, you can see the splendor of God's creations and the majesty of Heavenly power. A fine day is a perfect gift that God bestows upon mankind.

You step out of your house and you're greeted with the clear sunshine illuminating everything and forcing out the true and deep colors of every object around. The air is gentle and clean and your lungs are happy to savor the richness that fresh air could bring.

The sun does not bear on you directly but remain in the periphery and its rays are obliquely shone deflecting away the heat that can cause discomfort and perspiration. The cool air dissipates the heat rendering the temperature to hover around comfortable levels.

The smell of the earth soothes your nose like the smell of sweet bread from the baker's oven. You feel the gentle breeze caressing your skin and you know it is God hugging your body and enveloping it with a healthy dose of fire and water.

You look up the sky and you're presented with a clear blue sky with just a pittance of high clouds that won't even be able to bring rain and ruin the perfect fine day. This indicates in no uncertain terms that God has willed that this day be a perfect fine day.

You feel sorry when God unleashes deadly storms that wreck havoc on man-made structures but when He offers you with a perfect fine day, you sometimes hardly notice it. But it always comes whether or not you're aware of it. A pity it would be if you let it go unnoticed for you'll never know when the next perfect fine day would be.

A perfect fine day is God's gift so when it comes, go out and enjoy it.

A Perfect Fine Day, the Poem

Thank you God
For this perfect fine day
That You have bestowed
Upon Your people on this earth.

We pray that You
Shall keep our land
Free from deadly storms
That upon us cause great suffering.

We ask that You
Shall give us more
Of the gift that Your people deserve
The gift of a perfect fine day.

A Perfect Fine Day, the Quote

"A perfect fine day is when there are no clouds and perched upon the light blue sky is the faint image of a partial white moon." - author unknown

The free sample theme write-up and poem are my gifts to you, dear student, to help you pass your English writing course. Don't just copy it for somebody else may do the same and both of your submissions will only be rejected. Believe that you can write one of your own and in one hour I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something. Ask an adult to check your work and inquire from them how you can improve it. Good luck.

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