05 November 2010

How to Write a Better Middle School Essay

Here are some points that you might want to consider if you want to be able to write a good middle school English essay. A well-written essay will gain for you a higher grade in English writing while a poorly-written one will get you a low grade.

Be Informed

Even before you are asked to write an essay, you should already be informed about what is happening around you. Everyday around the world a lot of different things happen. We can know about them by reading newspapers and magazines and by listening to the radio or watching television. We can also get some indications of other events by listening to other people who are talking about something or asking someone what they are concerned with.

Make it a point to store facts about the world in your mind that you can use later on when writing your essay. Ensure that you can remember the facts by recalling something related that you already know. This will result in the new idea being associated to the old one in your brain. It is one technique that you can use to help you remember important ideas that may prove useful when it comes time to write your essay.

Read a Lot of English Texts

Reading a lot of English texts is a sure way to improve your writing skills. It will help you acquire an intuitive understanding of how the English language works in written form. Know that the words in the sentences that you are reading did not accidentally fall near one another. The mind of the writer was responsible for putting them together. Observe how the sentences were built and how the paragraphs were arranged. Internalize how clear and meaningful sentences are formed. Learn the secret of a well-written article.

Do not Copy What Someone Else has written

Copying someone else's work is called plagiarism. A plagiarized written work will not receive a passing grade. It is easy to detect a plagiarized work since what you will be copying from would definitely have been indexed by search engines in the Internet. Doing something like this is almost always a losing proposition. What you might not know is perhaps you can do better than the one from whom you copied the work from.

Avoid Submitting Something that no one understands

The work that is composed of different English words placed alongside each other is called gibberish. It does not contain any discernible thought or idea. You will definitely not get a passing grade for submitting such type of work. The people who help you improve your work (your editors) are not concerned with what idea you have but rather on how you expressed your ideas. In an essay question, all answers are correct as long as those answers reflect your own beliefs and opinions about an issue.

Know What the Question is about

Understanding what the question is about is a great step forward in your writing task. You might want to ask your teachers or classmates if you have some doubts about what the question means. Making a research on the Internet or at the Library for the topic you have been given would also be a positive step if you think that you don't know enough of the subject matter. You can also seek the help of other old people like your guardians or parents and ask them to explain to you what the problem is about. The main thing to avoid is writing something that does not answer the essay question. Your editor is instructed to give you a failing or lower grade if he considers your essay off-topic.

Organize Your Ideas

How your essay will look organized depend a lot on how neatly your ideas have been conceptualized in your mind. It would be a big help if you can visualize how your essay would look like when written down. Your ideas about the subject matter will appear in the body of your essay. Try to put the more important ideas first, then followed by the lesser important ones. Don't forget to give examples that will support your ideas. Examples can make your point stronger and clearer.

Build Clear and Meaningful Sentence

The English language has a unique way of putting words together to come up with a meaningful message. Each word that you use has a role to play in creating the idea that you want to impart to your readers. Choose the correct word that will accurately convey the thought that you want to say. Know that English words change in form when used differently in a sentence. Know that there are implicit rules on what words can be used sequentially together and the placement of words in the sentence is critical to the message that you want to send.

Watch your Grammar

All languages have rules that we should follow if we want our readers to understand what we mean. Breaking these rules will make our write-up difficult to read. Make sure that you use the correct number forms of the nouns in your sentences. Check that your verbs change in form based on the number type of your subject. Put a space after the preceding sentence and starting the sentence that follows next. Insert a space after using the comma. Begin all your sentences with a capital letter. Put related sentences into paragraphs and separate each paragraph with a blank line.

Ensure Good Flow in your Essay

Flow is the sequencing of your ideas as a way of explaining the point that you want to make. Flow will show up at two different levels in your essay: the essay itself and the paragraphs in your essay. A good flow helps your readers to appreciate the point that you are raising in your essay. The flow in your essay is indicated by the way you have sequenced your paragraphs. Flow in your paragraphs is shown by how you arranged your sentences inside your paragraphs. Think of how you tell a story to your classmate. You are saying one sentence after another so he would understand what you are saying. Do the same way as you write your sentences and as you arrange the paragraphs in your essay.

Do not Repeat what you Already have Said

Repeating words, phrases, and sentences that you already have written ahead of your essay will result in your essay sounding monotonous and boring. Using a variety of words and different sentence forms make for an interesting read. Do not repeat the essay question in an effort to make your essay appear longer. This tactic does not work and what you have written will surely be deleted by your editor. If you cannot avoid repeating something, then make sure that you state the thought or idea in a different way.

Review your Work

Go over your essay at least two times before submitting it. Look for spelling and grammatical errors that might have crept in. If there is more time, see if you can still improve on some parts of your essay. Ask yourself if you can say an idea in your sentence in a better way. Identify parts that you can remove without affecting the rest of your essay and delete them. Add more sentences or paragraphs that you think will improve the overall effectiveness of your essay.

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