22 May 2012

Common Taglish Expressions Used by Filipinos

Taglish is the practice of integrating English words in Tagalog sentences. Through a process of creative assimilation, the English word may retain its original spelling or is transformed to fit its proper role in the grammatical structure of the sentence. Below are example Tagalog sentences where English words are intermingled with Tagalog. Each example is followed by the corresponding English translation.

Time na ba? Is it time already?

Pupunta ba kayo sa party? Are you going to attend the party?

Nag jogging ka na ba? Have you gone jogging?

Pipikapin (pickup) ko ang tseke sa office mo bukas. I'm going to pick up the check from your office tomorrow.

Sinong magde decide kung matutuloy tayo? Who will decide if our plans will push through?

Magta time-in lang ako. I just have to time in (to where I work).

Marunong ka bang mag drive? Do you know how to drive (a vehicle)?

Mag exercise tayo tuwing umaga. Let's exercise every morning.

Mag meeting tayo bukas. Let's have a meeting tomorrow.

Tapos na ba ang game? Is the game over?

Open ba kayo pag Sabado? Are you open (for business) on Saturdays?

Open ako sa inyong suggestions. I'm open to your suggestions.

Anong grade ka na ba? In what grade (in the elementary school) are you in?

Kailan ka magpapa check up? When are you going to have your check up?

Nagpa practice sila ng sayaw. They are rehearsing for their dance number.

Saan ba ang exit? Where is the exit?

Paano ba gumawa ng essay? How do you write an essay?

Na trapik (traffic) ako sa EDSA. I was caught in heavy traffic at EDSA.

Babalik kami sa office mamaya. We're going back to the office later.

Later na lang tayo magusap. Let's just talk about it later.

Nagi smoke ka ba? Do you smoke?

Hinahanting (hunting) siya ng mga pulis. He is being hunted by the police.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit type kita. I don't know why you're my type.

Inlab (in love) ka siguro ano? Maybe you're  in love, right?

Sino'ng love mo? Whom do you love?

Ikaw ang perslab (first love) ko. You are my first love.

May crush ako sa iyo. I have a crush on you.

The above are just a few examples of Taglish expressions found in the Filipino language. By the way the word Taglish comes from a combination of the words Tagalog and English.

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