30 January 2017

Essential Quips for Everyday Tagalog Conversation

Quips are expressions interjected during conversations that make the exchange more vivid and colorful. They sometimes have idiomatic meaning or no meaning at all just an expression to fill a perceived lull in the conversation. The Filipinos that you're talking with would greatly appreciate if you could drop one or two Tagalog quips as you talk with them. Here are some examples.

Sagad talaga - Truly extreme
Asar naman - Too disgusting
Tara na - Let's go
Ayos - That's OK
Sana nga - Hoping it will happen or come true
Hala ka - You watch out
Ay naku - (Expression of disbelief/exasperation)
Lagot ka - You beware
Sige - OK or I'm leaving now
Sige na nga - (Agreeing but with misgivings)
Sige lang - It's OK with me
May pinagdadaanan - Experiencing serious problems
Ayaw paawat - Won't stop doing it
Sayang naman - It's a pity or such a waste of time or effort
Sayang lang - It won't matter now
Bantay sarado - Closely watched
Ang kapal ng mukha - Shameless
Astig ha - Remarkable, outstanding
Agaw pansin/Kulang sa pansin - Wants to be noticed
Sablay - Did not work out
Ay ewan - Not interested
Sobra naman - That's too much
Laspag na - Much overused
Malas talaga - Such a bad luck
Takaw gulpe - Invites trouble
Hanep - wow, it's fantastic
Dapat naman - That's how it should be
Wala lang - Just that or whatever
Kuno - As if, just a pretense
Ganun pala - So it's like that
Wag makulit - Don't be obnoxious
Talaga? - Really?
Kawawa naman - So sorry about her
Ang galing - That's great
Ang asim ng mukha - Person has unlikeable face
Hindi basta-basta - Not just ordinary
Puro ka paandar - You're full of senseless bickering
Ayaw tantanan - Won't stop pestering her
Nakakahiya - I'm so ashamed
Hinay-hinay lang - Take it easy
Hayop sa ganda - So very nice/beautiful
Sobrang bastos - Really disrespectful
Walang patawad - Will do nasty things to anyone
Nakakainis - So irritating
Laos na - Past her prime
Peksman - I swear it's true
Nakakaloka - Going crazy over something or someone
Walang hilig - Not fond of doing something
Kaya pa ba? - Can you still continue?
Sa tabi-tabi lang - Just anywhere
Andyan na - I'm/It's coming
Baka sakali - Just maybe
Kahit na - Even then
Kahit pa - Even more so
Kelan pa? - Since when?
Saan daw? - Where according to them?
Sana matapos na - Hoping that this will finally end

There are many more Tagalog quips that I may have missed. This is just a sample of Tagalog constructs that you can use for everyday conversation. If you're unsure about the precise meaning of a phrase, just ask for help from a Filipino friend or any Filipino that you know of. I'm sure she would be glad to be of help.

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